Simply Choose the carat-age of gold or platinum you have and the approximate weight and our calculator will give you an accurate quote of what you can potentially get by selling us your old jewellery. If you are satisfied with our competitive quote please proceed to give us your details and we will find a store nearest to you to bring your items in for physical evaluation. If the carat-age and weight provided are accurate on physical evaluation you will be paid your quoted price. We do aim to offer the best prices so please contact us with any further inquiries

We are currently able to service the greater Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Midlands area.

  • For coins select the coin and get our price offered.
  • All values stated are in South African Rands (ZAR) and are quotations pending physical evaluation of the items at one of our stores. If the carat-age and weight do correspond to the quote given then you will be paid out the quoted value.
  • All prices quoted for purchase are for old gold therefore all labour in manufacturing is not taken into account the price paid is for the metal only.
  • Payment will be done in cash or EFT only.
  • Proof of identification required when selling any gold items.
  • Quotes valid for 1 day once accepted
  • *For our Muslim client’s Zakat donation; submit Gold weights and carat with your details and we will email you the value that needs to be paid.


  • Any kitchen scale or scale that can measure in grams (g) will give a fairly good estimate of total weight.
  • Look for the carat-age stamp/Hallmark on the item to determine carat.

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